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Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers believes in giving back. We're proud to be selected by organizations to help raise much-needed money that goes directly to support individuals and families in our communities.


Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers fundraisers are an exciting and refreshing means of generating significant funds for your organization. Everyone has unwanted gold jewellery — a class ring from decades ago, single earring or broken chain. What is the point of holding on to these items that are no longer wanted or cannot be repaired? The answer is simple. Due to the current high cost of gold, these unwanted items can generate much-needed funds for your cause. You can choose to organize a one day gold party event or a longer term fundraising campaign. Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers will work with you to decide which would best suit your organization’s specific needs.

Gold Party Event

The beauty of this fundraiser is that it is not a plea for money but rather for unwanted and broken gold jewellery. Your supporters will receive fair market value for their gold by a trusted and reputable gold buyer, and your organization will receive 15% of the total amount of gold purchased. It is a win-win situation where all participants benefit! We will work closely with your group and help with marketing material to ensure the event is a success. Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers is changing lives … one party at a time. Contact us for details as to how to get started. 

Gold Parties

Looking to earn some extra cash, or raise money for a charity or organization? Perhaps you’re looking for a unique idea for your next home party or fundraising event. Whatever you desire, Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers can provide everything you need to plan and host your own Gold Party.

It is simple. Just pick a date, invite your guests and tell them to bring their old, broken, unwanted pieces of gold or silver jewellery. You can schedule your Gold Party any day of the week at any time. We come directly to your home, office, fundraiser or event location.

Gold Party events are fun, fast and financially rewarding for everyone!

Courteous, Professional Representatives
Our team of professional Gold Party representatives will attend your home, office or fundraising event, test the gold and pay your guests on the spot. Finding out what your valuables are worth is half the fun! We calculate the value based on the gold purity, weight and the current spot price of gold to ensure an accurate and fair price. What’s more … you get to watch it all happen. Our representatives love what they do! They will evaluate the gold in front of the guests and explain how it works. There is never any cost, risk or obligation of any kind, nor is there any pressure to accept the cash offer. With gold trading at all-time highs, your guests will be amazed how much their unwanted gold is worth.

Earn Cash Commission on the Spot

As the host of a Gold Party, you will receive 15% of all gold purchased.

Gold Party fundraising events will receive 20% of all gold purchased.

It's Fun and Enjoyable

When you host a home party or organize a fundraising event, everyone will leave happy with more cash in their pockets than when they came. It’s fun to get together with friends and a great way to raise money and awareness for your charity or organization.