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Gold jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, class rings, dental gold, scrap gold, gold bars, gold coins etc. We buy anything gold in any condition or purity; whether visibly marked (10k, 14k,18k, 22k, 24k, 417, 585, 750, 917) or unmarked.

Silver - We buy silver items such as silver jewelry, platters, flatware, tea sets. Anything silver marked as sterling, ster, str, 925, 800.

Platinum - We buy any platinum. Platinum is usually marked platinum, plat, pt, 950pt, 900pt or 850pt.

Silver Coins - We buy any silver coins dated 1964 and earlier.

If you are unable to identify your gold pieces, don’t worry we can. Our experts will assess your items with specialized equipment to analyze your precious metals.

   GOLD             $/DWT 
    24K                $47.00 
    22K                $42.00
    18k                 $35.00
    16K                $29.00
    14K                $27.00 
    10K                $19.00   

*Dealers Call for Pricing.

We Will Beat Any Competitors Written Offer!
July 26, 2012
Gold is currently selling at a record high on the stock market, making it extremely valuable today, and Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers is the best place to sell your gold. People across the nation are taking advantage of the opportunity to sell gold because of its consistently strong value. This would be the perfect time to rummage through that box of gold jewelry that you don’t wear and exchange them for cash.
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We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum in any Condition!
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If you have ever tried to sell your scrap gold, you know the run around routine you get from pawn shops and most gold buyers. Our prices are updated twice daily to reflect the latest gold market prices, resulting in no haggling. We offer you the best price the first time. Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers are so sure our prices are the most competitive in the industry that you can lock in your rate for 24 hours. Gulf Coast Gold & Silver Buyers offers complete transparency on every transaction. This level of honesty and customer service is unparalleled in any market! Call now to lock in your gold price .

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